What patients say:

Jacki W:

In October of 2008, I was in a near-fatal ATV accident in the desert, and badly injured my spine. After being misdiagnosed by a traditional doctor in November, my injury remained undetected until I saw Dr. Jennifer Cherry in March, 2009. I had a crushed disc, another bulging disc, and a compression fracture so severe that half of that vertebra was gone. I was then notified that the martial arts training and competitions in which I had participated for the last 2 months put me on the verge of paralysis and the possible need for surgery. At the time I walked into Dr. Cherry's office, I could only lightly jog about 5 minutes at a time before my back hurt too much to continue. As an avid martial artist with a high pain tolerance and a very competitive spirit, this was spirit-crushing. A mere 10 weeks after my first treatment with Dr. Cherry, I was outside running 7 miles a day on very hilly roads, completely pain-free. She had also managed to fix my dislocated wrist and continually jammed thumb as well, unlike the several other doctors who I had seen previous. Dr. Cherry is a complete miracle-worker!

Hans W:

I have had a tight neck and lower back for most of my life and I have been an avid cyclist for 20+ years. After meeting Dr. Jennifer Cherry for a consultation and recommendations I decided to schedule a few appointments and see how things would go. I felt the difference after the first adjustment and would say I was feeling a lot better after 4 treatments. Now my lower back feels excellent and my neck movement has improved by 70%! It is a pleasure to wake up in the morning knowing your back is in good shape and that you will be able to have a good day. Now I see Dr. Cherry for regular "tune-ups" and do the stretches and exercises every morning that she suggested. I highly recommend Dr. Cherry for her knowledge, friendliness, commitment, and ability to heal.

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Mel C

If you live in the DC area, call Dr. Cherry. She is our neighborhood chiropractor and she will take excellent care of you and your whole family!!

~Mel C.


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